Choi Minho’s acting in the Drama ‘To the beautiful you’ next to f(x)’s Sulli

17 Jun

On 10 March 2011, SM Entertainment announced that they have acquired the rights to the manga and will film its Korean adaption. Representatives revealed, “The Korean version will have a total of 16 episodes that draw out stories of hopes and dreams. It’s a teenage comedy with a cute, but strong storyline and a slew of handsome cast members. We’re planning to begin airing it this summer.”

Kang Tae-joon (Minho) is a gold medalist in the high jump, but he has been mired in a slump due to an injury. In order to help her idol Tae-joon, a girl named Goo Jae-hee (Sulli) disguises herself as a boy and transfers to his all-male high school.

Main cast

    • Sulli Choi as Goo Jae-hee (Mizuki Ashiya)
She disguises herself as a male and transfers to Tae-joon’s school to help him recover for a comeback
  • Choi Min-ho as Kang Tae-joon (Izumi Sano)
He is a high jump gold medalist, who is discouraged after being injured
  • Lee Hyun-woo as Cha Eun-gyeol (Shuichi Nakatsu)
He is charming soccer player with his talents, good looks, and a positive attitude, he receives a lot of love from the girls. However, in reality, he’s an innocent boy who hasn’t been in love yet.

Extended cast

  • Kang Ha-neul as Joo Ji-cheol
    He is a high jump player in the national team and Tae-joon’s rival.
  • Seo Jun-young as Ha Seung-ri
He is a dorm supervisor and fencing team chief who is a macho type with strong leadership skills
  • Hwang Kwang-hee
He is a dorm supervisor and theater team chief who is adored by everyone for his absolute beauty
  • Ki Tae-young as Jang Min-woo
He is a mysterious, eccentric school nurse who helps Jae-hee
  • Kang Kyung-joon
He is a comical and clumsy track-and-field team coach
  • Honey Lee
She is the school president with gentle charisma


  • Lee Ah-hyun
She is the dorm supervisor’s mom who knows Jae-hee’s secret and helps her
  • Ahn Hye-kyung as Yang Seo-yoon
She is a sports magazine reporter
  • Lee Young-eun as Lee So-jeong
She is the Korean language teacher who is in a love triangle with the school nurse and the coach
  • Kim Ji-won as Seol Han-na
She is a gymnast and daughter from a rich family without any shortcomings. Although she possesses a reckless personality, in front of Tae-joon, she becomes a gentle lady.
  • Ko So-young as President Lee
She is chairwoman of the board
  • Lee Han-wi
He is Tae-joon’s father
  • Kim Myung-soo/L

Production credits

  • Production Company : SM Entertainment
  • Director : Jun Ki-sang
  • Original work : Hisaya Nakajo
  • Screenwriter : Lee Young-chul



One Response to “Choi Minho’s acting in the Drama ‘To the beautiful you’ next to f(x)’s Sulli”

  1. Khang Tran October 23, 2012 at 04:55 #

    Best show ever .-.

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